D.W.C. Woman Figure - Painter Peter Worswick

Monday, December 08, 2014

Born in 1960 in Blackburn, Peter Worswick is a self-taught artist whose need to paint 
over-rides every other consideration. Since devoting his life full time to his art in 1986,
 Peter Worswick's hard work and determination have earned him a reputation as an artist whose
 work is increasingly sought after. He has won several awards and has recently been made
 an Honorary Fellow of the 'International Guild of Artists'.
 Peter Worswick's remarkably 'soft' style has steadily evolved since he was first published 
by Northern Editions in 1995. His sensitive and evocative studies of the female form reveal 
great empathy with his subjects and convey a sense of reverence. The future looks very
 promising with solo exhibitions planned in London and throughout the UK. Fine examples 
can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the UK.
 Peter believes in constant experimentation because, he says, 'an artist's work has to stay fresh, so
 he constantly needs new ideas. Evolution happens naturally as you strive to improve.' He delights
in working with fabric textures and regularly changes his subject matter to set himself
 new challenges, to enhance his creativity and hone his skills in style, techniques and 

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