D.W.C. Horses - Marcos Damascena

Friday, August 01, 2014

Born in Potions Bahia in 1981 and based in São Paulo, where he began his artistic career, studying with the biggest names in figurative art. Made with live model drawing and Professor Luis Alberto, the Paulista Association of Fine Arts, after studying with the master Abraham Jorge Esteves: color theory and anatomy of animals, especially horses.

 With fast training and surprising development, set their style with a thin and extremely detailed painting, winning several awards. Then began a new phase of his career: the human being as the basis of their work, through strong and expressions that capture the intimate moment of every being. The soul of the human being in various stages. Its characteristic detail caught the attention of many critics and dealers, marking its presence in the Brazilian hyper-realistic painting.

In the magic of a construction suggested by nature, Mark Damascena intervenes with his creative fantasy and on the delineation of different cultural matrices, sensitizes observers of his works, waking multiple feelings. The artist builds, through form and color, its pictorial, rhymes able to convey to fruitor in full harmony and poetry. With safe and precise technique richness in detail, outlines the subject on the screen through a clear design that fills with chromaticism of bright tones, which slowly reduces and attenuates with a gentle and evocative light.



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